Composer James E. Helder, Ph.D. Composing and Performing, University of Southern California, brings years of group and solo performance and arranging experience to your group.

Leading many bands, combos, orchestras, and classes makes for your getting just the right thing for your group's interests and degrees of player skills.

You will find here arrangements and compositions for various instrument combinations, in styles ranging from jazz to bigband to dance to classical, such as full orchestra and mod string quartets!

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How do the two methods on these two test pages look and play on the remote test location?

2. Using audio and control tags (as in onglist_players_tests_2.html):

1. Using links in the manner of zim dumps to html (as in songlist_playing_tests_1.html)

This one plays and then gets out of the way, uses system default player mpv.
as above.