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Bienvenidos ~ Welcome to the Ranch

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Ranchito Alegre, in the mountains of Colorado, near Four Corners,
where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico adjoin.

Ranchito Alegre is a small, old family ranch next to Northern Ute territory.
Regenerative Agriculture is one of our ways of keeping it wholesome.

We have, to be added here, a slideshow on ReGenerative_Agriculture on the Piedra, by Roger Candelaria.


Let the sky give the mountains rain, Nos toca cuidar a lo natural,
and the land give back seed en territorio de indios y rios
from the natural growths. -- con agua, semilla, labor y respeto. --

In the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Ranchito Alegre is cold from October thru April.

Snowy upper field overview.

Springtime, hills of upper field.

Can you see the touch of green in the field now?

Summer, lower end of the field, where wild turkeys still roam:

**Wild Turkeys still like Ranchito Alegre**

For you, we foster chickens in this natural fowl paradise, and vegetables. See
Produce * and Pasture-raising Chickens at Ranchito Alegre with Regen Ag *
It's quite a life. Very philosophical ;) Join us in Ranchito Alegre Leyendas and Ruminations *

or direct RanchitoAlegre@cognizor.com 970-201-4630