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Locating Ranchito Alegre

Locating RanchitoAlegre

by road (as of 201904)

In great detail,

Here is how to find the Ranch:
160 is the road between Durango and Pagosa, running W-E.
151 takes off in the middle, and goes to Chimney Rock National Monument, running S toward
Arboles and Navajo Lake (reservoir). (Then 151 goes on W to Alison, to Ignacio, then loops back up N to Durango.) The signs say 11 miles to Chimney Rock National Monument I think but that's not right, because the Ranch is about 6 miles from the 160-151 junction. The number is 6200 Highway 151. That's the public roads. Running into the property is a dirt road.

A little bit south of the park entrance on the W side is the Ranch entrance, also on the W side. You turn in just a few yards past where the little creek crosses from the E side to the W side to the Ranch entrance. It consists of a pair of gates back W of the road and downhill, maybe 150 ft. When you turn in you are facing a cliff to your right and a Big hill straight ahead. The meadow downhill to your left has another gate. There is a cabin and some other things on down that way. The steep road up over the Big hill (aka mountain ;) goes up to a cabin on top at the right and then on t's Really steep.

Now usually the thing to do is to email or call the Ranch ahead of time, there being No Cell Service in the area, so someone can meet you or something. But in the recent exciting excavations for pipes and stuff the telephone company got the lines disconnected. I haven't been able to get the dial tone back yet. However, Roger's Republic Wireless cell phone is working over wifi. And so is email. T-da!

Produce * and Pasture-raising Chickens at Ranchito Alegre with Regen Ag *
It's quite a life. Very philosophical ;) Join us in Ranchito Alegre Leyendas and Ruminations *

or direct RanchitoAlegre@cognizor.com 970-201-4630