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Pasture-raising Chickens at Ranchito Alegre with Regen Ag

Ranch-raised Chicken, super-Healthy

=== Pre-ordering now open ===

Our birds, frozen and whole, sell for $5.75/lb. Our finished birds range anywhere from 3-5 pounds and are the perfect size for a family of four. Once we are sold out, there will be no more until next year.

Just let us know what you are ordering and we'll set up your delivery option.

EMAIL RanchitoAlegre@cognizor.com

We do have a phone, but at the ranch mountains usually block the signal.
The number is 970-201-4630 . Text messages work.

Pickup options: Delivery at your choice of pickup points ;)

Ranchito Alegre has been in the family for generations.

These are premium quality birds
quite distinct from the chicken
sold in grocery stores.

Field-raised for health and happiness.

So let's give you the whole spiel.

=== Nurtured and Natural, Ranchito Alegre hoop house Story ===

We have been surprised by the “thrivability” of this year’s birds. We had decided to take a chance on this new breed of chicken not widely available, the “Robust White” and are we glad we did!

Chicks nurtured, thriving, out to the fresh field

We ordered them as day-old chicks. We protected and raised them their first 24 days in a well-ventilated, temperature-controlled brooder, expanding their floor space every 2 days as they grew. Bigger and bigger.

At 24 days they were feathering out. We transferred them to pasture, moving their big “hoop house” to new grass and forbs every day. They arrived 100% alive and we kept every single one alive and thriving.


==== Wholesome food ====

We believe that the Robust White is the most delicious and healthiest broiler for our farm. Our broilers spend the majority of their lives on pasture. They are aggressive foragers. Robust Whites grow slower than the factory-raised Cornish Cross meat birds (and do not suffer the CornishX leg and heart problems). We think they are worth the wait. They have an amazing flavor that is unsurpassed.

Well-informed chicken consumers nowadays are concerned about where
their food comes from, how it was produced and possible risks
associated with eating industrially produced meat and eggs. They tend
to want birds that have a better quality of life and produce safer
and more nutritious eggs and meat than commercially raised versions.

Ranchito Alegre's hilly field is doing well for weeds, chickens' favorite forage! And that's not by accident.

Keeping to the healthiest of feed

Besides providing very careful early care, we saw to it that they had the best of feed even at first.

It was not easy to source our feeds. We started them on Non-GMO starter from Sunrise Farms in Virginia. We feed a supplemental ration developed by the nutritionists at Fertrell in Pennsylvania. The ration contains organic wheat and non-GMO corn raised locally (Ute Mountain Ute Farms), roasted soybeans (Kansas). The grains are not processed with hexane. To balance the diet there's alfalfa meal.

Once a week, they get a little apple cider vinegar in their water and daily fresh-cut sweet clover from our farm. In addition, to provide nutrients that their own systems cannot manufacture, they get a mineral supplement by Fertrell (Poultry NutriBalancer ™) and a touch of fishmeal.

No synthetic hormones , no drugs.

And as you might expect, they feast
vociferously on field plants

Regenerative agriculture: We work it all together

Our poultry serve many functions here on the farm from feeding soil microbes in our pastures and delightedly controlling parasite loads to providing nutrient rich-bedding for garden compost. And especially supplying our family and customers with delicious meat.

Tender, Super-easy crockpot or Dutch oven recipes among many options

For those who have never tried pasture raised chicken before, here are some helpful tips on cooking your birds.

Ready to pop into a pot!

Many people like to cook the birds slowly, keeping the pot or skillet covered so that the steam enables the seasonings to permeate the meat. Some like to marinate. A brine marinade, for example, brings out the natural flavor of yesteryear.

Others roast over a fire. Still others make chicken and dumplings. Then there's the delight of deep-fried — or plain ole fried chicken, chicken sandwiches from roasting, ah...salads! Oh, chicken and noodles. Mmm, chicken soup! Enchiladas, and tacos. Stir-fry.

What are your favorite recipes?

Contact Ranchito Alegre

If you would like more information or would like to visit, please let us know. Contact

For you, we foster chickens in this natural fowl paradise, and vegetables. See
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Created Saturday 01 August 2020