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In season are the products with check marks in the boxes are currently in season. Call or text us to get yours. 970-201-4630 (call or text), RanchitoAlegre@cognizor.com

Robust Chicken

Pasture-raised Robust Chickens. More detail below*.

Fresh Veggies

Ranchito Alegre has a garden in the bosque down by the river. Soaking up the sun and the pure water, the best of vegetables are grown — for you!


Sweet and wild


Find Ranchito Alegre chicken at your favorite supplier or contact us for pickup arrangements.

Ranch-raised Chicken, super-Healthy*

Pre-ordering now open

Our birds, frozen and whole, sell for $5.75/lb. Our finished birds range anywhere from 3-5 pounds and are the perfect size for a family of four. Once we are sold out, there will be no more until next year.

Just let us know what you are ordering and we'll set up your delivery option.

EMAIL ranchitoalegre@cognizor.com

We do have a phone, but at the ranch mountains usually block the signal.
The number is 970-201-4630 . Text messages work.

Pickup options: Delivery at your choice of pickup points ;)

Ranchito Alegre has been in the family for generations.

These are premium quality birds
quite distinct from the chicken
sold in grocery stores.
Obtain yours soon.
There are only so many.

For you, we foster chickens in this natural fowl paradise, and vegetables. See
Produce * and Pasture-raising Chickens at Ranchito Alegre with Regen Ag *
It's quite a life. Very philosophical ;) Join us in Ranchito Alegre Leyendas and Ruminations *

or direct RanchitoAlegre@cognizor.com 970-201-4630

Created Tuesday 21 July 2020